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Unfortunately this  range is  currently not available in the UK, but we do have lots of other sauces.

Sabores Aztecas – Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Sabores Aztecas means ‘Flavours of the Aztecs’ and is a range of genuine Mexican recipes, with Mexican ingredients, from Mexico.

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Mexico represents one of the UK’s latest culinary adventures. This huge, culturally and environmentally diverse country has a fine tradition in cuisine, where some foods are revered and held to be sacred. This particular range of food is vegetarian, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, and is GM-free.
Each recipe is tailored using authentic Mexican ingredients and vegetable varieties, to give a true Mexican experience.

The various recipes call for more than half a dozen different chilli varieties, ranging from mild to spicy, and taking in the popular Jalapeño as well as the lesser-known varieties such as ancho mulato, pasilla, guajillo, habenero and the smokey-flavoured chipotle. The other ingredients, which include gorgeous tomatillos (green tomatoes), are largely supplied from land that the company’s family both own and farm, ensuring consistent quality of produce.

We also have a number or recipes on our recipe page.

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