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There are few better ways to start the day than with a hot, filling breakfast. Porridge is traditional in the UK, and if it’s a good start for the Scots with their harsher weather, that can only recommend it to the rest of us.

Our organic porridge oats are rolled and steamed to give you an easy and quick basic porridge. I put about a third of a mug of oats into a saucepan and add a mug of water. After gently bringing to a simmer, this then cooks in about 3-5 mins (in a hurry, I will use hot water from the kettle). You can, of course microwave it instead. Whatever you do, please put the pot to soak once you’ve had your breakfast – if left, it can dry amazingly hard!

Traditionally, you then add a pinch of salt, which makes a delicious breakfast. However, there are many variations (traditionalists, cover your ears)!

You could, for example, add milk instead of water (soya, goat, nut or rice milk are all fine) and sugar, maple syrup or even chocolate spread. I sometimes add some pureed apple or apricot if it’s around, while chopped nuts or dried fruit work well too.

If you need a gluten-free breakfast then we have been able to source excellent organic and gluten free oats in 5kg and 20kg sack as well as 400g bags, or if you simply need gluten free, Mornflake have 25kg sacks of gluten free oats for you.

gluten free organic oats in 5kg bag

Gluten free oats in 5kg bag

Or for an alternative from oats try the Big Oz Gluten-Free Organic Porridge, made with rice and millet flakes, which is very tasty.

See all our porridge options here

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