Apricot and honey ice-cream

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A lush, home-made ice-cream that can be made all year round, yet gives the taste of summer apricots.


  • 500g Crazy Jack soft dried apricots (or you could try a different soft dried fruit, such as figs or dates)
  • 200ml honey
  • 275ml double cream (try to get organic if you can)
  • 100ml milk (again, use organic milk for the full impact)
  • Serves 6-8


1.Put the apricots and honey in a food-processor and blend until smooth. Add the cream and milk and process again until creamy.
2.Either pour into an ice-cream machine and proceed according to maker’s instructions, or pour into a shallow container and freeze until starting to form crystals (around 2 hours). Break up the crystals with a fork and return to the freezer. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times. Cover and freeze until required.

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