Bulk 25kg organic sugar sacks by mail order

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Sugar has for generations been used as a preservative, and is worth buying in a large sack. Our 25kg sacks offer outstanding value for money, and you can almost guarantee that they will not go out of date in your cupboard. They are also really good value for the small artisan baker or food producer or even the home organic Jam maker.

At Naturally Good Food, we offer you a great range of sugars designed for baking, food production and home use plus some Fairtrade options.

25kg sacks:

• 25kg Granulated cane sugar from Brazil –   a great everyday organic sugar, sweet, good value and with loads of uses. This cooks well, is good for jam-making, keeps for ages and is our best value bulk buy.

Granulated sugar

• 25kg Cane sugar from Paraguay – Fairtrade helps the local farmer, so paying a small Fairtrade premium is a great boost to the development of the economy in Paraguay.
• 25kg caster sugar from Billingtons – light, fine-grained, with a subtle, buttery taste, organic golden caster is the natural alternative to refined white caster. Perfect in shortbread, meringues and sponges. To round out the Billingtons range, we also have their organic light brown muscovado  and their light caster sugar.

• 25kg rapadura sugar – the wholefood organic sugar, capturing the sweet essence of unrefined cane juice. Fine-grained, with a unique caramel flavour, it is the perfect nutritious sweetener for all foods and drinks – especially good in coffee. (Also sometimes called ‘evaporated cane juice’.)

We usually  have the Granulated cane sugar and the Rapadura in stock ready to send out for next working day delivery; the Fairtrade and the Billingtons caster  we get to order, with a lead time of a day or two, depending what day of the week you order.

If you regularly use  10 or more a month we can offer a discount for you – please give us a call or email.

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Carriage on a 25kg sack of sugar is normally free,  which adds to the good value.


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