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I’ve just written about soaking oatmeal for nine hours or so to make porridge. And very nice and nutritious it is too. But what about those days when the time for breakfast is more like nine minutes – or even nine seconds – when you suddenly realise that one child has somehow escaped the breakfast routine and is now starving hungry, just when you’re all heading out the door?

Well, you need something fast – but not something rubbish – and not something that just gives a quick boost of energy, but then leaves your child hungry again an hour or so later. Whether it’s nine hours, nine minutes or nine seconds, you need something that’s going to release its energy more gradually.

This is where our range of oat bars come in handy – we’ve got this delicious Dove’s Farm buttery flapjack, for example, or Clive’s organic chocolate chip flapjack, both providing a slow release of energy from the oats. We’ve got a huge range of other snack bars, stuffed with seeds, nuts and berries, in all different flavours.  Some crackers and crispbreads can also fill a quick gap – in fact, we munched our way through a packet of these spelt and emmenthal crispbreads on this weekend’s journey up to Scotland. If they seem a bit dry, grab some dried apricots or raisins as well.

I’ve also been known to resort to a handful (or even pocketful!) of cereal on the way out the door – try any of these from our great range. Perhaps, as the leaves start to change colour, these maple-frosted flakes from Whole Earth will appeal. We’ve also got a particularly good range of gluten-free cereal in child-friendly packaging, such as Gluten-Free Munch and Gluten-Free O’s from Nature’s Path.

But just remember, at the end of the day, that if you’ve been filling pockets up with cereal, you’re going to need to have a bit of a clear-out. And never, but never, try this little trick with porridge.

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