Calling all Kings: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh now in stock!

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We like to cater for all Christmas eventualities at our shop in Cotesbach. We’ve got Christmas puddings, mince-pies, chocolate coins and Santas, and some fantastic Fairtrade Advent Calendars. But what if – just possibly – three kings on camels should come passing by, needing to stock up on vital supplies?

Well, we can easily do gold. May we suggest the Eat Natural Fruit & Nut or Macadamia Gold Bars – perfect for that long trek across the desert. Buy a case, with our usual 10% discount, and you can have a few to munch on yourself, with still enough left at your journey’s end to hand over. Perfect for slow-releasing energy.

There’s also some incredibly sophisticated Maya Gold Fairtrade Green & Black’s chocolate in stock – a gift truly fit for a king. It’s also perfect for Christmas, with its twist of orange and flavourings of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla – the essence of Christmas, really, in one little package.

And if you’re thinking about your camels as well, worried that they might become a little galled, sore-footed or refractory, why not take along some golden linseed for them to nibble? (To be honest, I’ve no idea if camels eat linseed, but it seems fairly likely, don’t you think?) This wonderful seed (fantastic for the digestion) pours through your hand like liquid gold – and can be sprinkled into smoothies, yoghurts, or onto baking, to give a wonderful golden, crunchy texture.

Now for frankincense. We’ve got a pack of 10 frankincense sticks, to give your house that regal, Christmas fragrance, at £1.79. Or try our Frankincense essential oil, at £6.11. It’s been used for centuries, valued for its health benefits, which include antiseptic and astringent properties, and a belief that it can aid digestion and relieve flatulence (another one for the camels, here).

Myrrh, with all its bitter perfume and gathering gloom, may suit  some people’s moods as the festive season wears inexorably on. Once again, we can offer myrrh incense sticks, or an essential oil from Aqua Oleum at £9.75.  Myrrh is said to be anti-microbial and anti-viral, a fungicide, an expectorant, good for the skin, and both a stimulant and a sedative (an interesting combination – could be worth a try). Most importantly, at this time of year, it’s believed to promote ‘spiritual feelings’.

So, if you’re a King yourself, or of course, a Shepherd, Ox, Ass, Narrator or Third-Angel-From-The-Right, come along to our shop in Cotesbach, for all your Christmas goodies. Plenty of parking for camels.

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