Leftover brown rice – some tasty ideas for using it up

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People can get a bit panicky about using leftover rice. Many have heard that eating it can ‘give you food poisoning’, and simply throw away any leftovers. You really don’t need to. Simply refrigerate the rice as soon as it reaches room temperature, and consume within 24 hours. If you reheat it, make sure it’s properly hot – and don’t reheat it more than once. But you can safely eat it hot, or cold, so long as you have stored it correctly, as above, and eaten it within a day.

Here are a couple of great ideas for using up leftover brown rice:

Egg-fried rice

A recipe that really only works with brown rice, so aren’t you pleased that you’ve chosen the healthy option?

Fry up the rice in some oil, add a few drops of soy sauce and then crack an egg on top. Mix it all together quickly. There you have it – your own takeaway! (You could of course, add all sorts to this: onion, or spring onion, other vegetables, cashews, maybe. No doubt you can think of some other flavourings as well – how about garlic or sesame oil?) The simplest version works well, though.

Poor man’s dolmades

Mix the rice with any leftover cooked meat you have, or with sauted vegetables. Add some flavourings and something a bit liquid – some stock, tinned tomatoes, or soy sauce, perhaps. Heat it up, then wrap it up in some cooked cabbage leaves. Close your eyes, and you could be in Greece. (Perhaps.)

It’s nice, anyway, even when you’re nowhere near Greece – and a good use for cabbage too! If you haven’t got any cabbage, you can put the same mixture into a hollowed out pepper or tomato, top with cheese and bake.

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