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We sell a dizzying range of packaged muesli products at Naturally Good Food – you could have a different one each day for up to three weeks if you bought the lot!

But you might prefer to make your own, to get it just right for you and your family. If so, follow our simple ‘how to’ guide below.

First of all, you need a base for your muesli. The traditional muesli base is a loose mix of oats and flakes – we sell basic ‘muesli bases’, or you can make your own from scratch, choosing from:

Next, you need to put in some dried fruit, nuts and seeds. How about:

Then you could mix in a little sugar, honey or cinnamon.

Some people eat muesli dry: most mix it with milk (though not necessarily cow’s milk – see our range of non-dairy milk). Others stir in yoghurt or fruit juice, and some leave it overnight in these to make a sticky compote.

There are companies springing up around the world dedicated to mixing personalised muesli for you (at a high cost)! At Naturally Good Food, we have everything you need to let you do the same yourself – at a much more reasonable price, especially if you buy in bulk!

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