Food to fight wrinkles!

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Anti-wrinkle cream, Botox, lunch-break mini-facelifts – you don’t need them! Here, instead, and for a fraction of the price, is Naturally Good Food’s 10-point guide to maintaining a youthful appearance. If you don’t believe it works, pop into the shop and check out the staff. We’re all about 20 years older than we actually look! (Honest….)

(Of course, looking young isn’t as important as maintaining your internal youthful healthiness. Luckily, all of these foods and tips will also help with that!)

  1. Eat apricots: we sell beautifully juicy, dried and ready-to-eat apricots, in a variety of sizes. Small packs for those still blessed with youthful looks, and bulk bags for those with many decades to shed (or a lot of baking to do!). Apricots are packed with vitamin A, which promotes healthy skin, eyes and hair.
  2. Eat almonds: for glowing skin and swishable hair, you need vitamin E, which almonds provide in abundance. Again, we sell packs in various sizes, right up to 22.68kg.
  3. Eat blueberries: this superfood is stuffed with anti-oxidants, which all help to keep your skin looking at its best.
  4. Eat Wild Alaskan Salmon: from Fish4Ever – ethical and tasty and full of skin-glowing anti-oxidants.
  5. Use olive oil: its omega-3 fatty acids promote blood circulation to the skin. Why not try it drizzled over:
  6. Tomatoes: these contain a substance that protects the skin from the effects of sun oxidation, and thus from wrinkles. Tomato puree, or other products containing tomato, have also been shown to have this effect.
  7. Eat dark chocolate: again, contains the necessary minerals for healthy skin, and the necessary boost to keep you smiling.
  8. Drink lots of water: to flush away waste and prevent skin sagging.
  9. Get lots of sleep!
  10. Remove unnecessary food-shopping stress and ethical dilemmas from your life by shopping with Naturally Good Food: all your healthy requirements in one place, with free delivery on larger orders, price reductions for buying in bulk, and an overall 10% case discount.

Stay young. Stay handsome!

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