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In some parts of your life, it’s fairly easy to make natural, organic and ethical choices. Some things are straightforward: meat, for example, where there’s a pretty clear-cut difference between organic meat and ‘value’ mass-produced ‘meat’ products. If you want organic fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, nuts or flour, it’s easy to find them.

After food, you can also make some quick and easy differences in your toiletries and household cleaning products, using the wealth of organic, natural and ethical products available. From nappy bags to dishwasher tablets, we have everything you need to ‘green’ that part of your life!

But it’s the little things that tend to be forgotten – and this is where If You Care steps in. This company deals solely with what I think of as ‘the bits around the edges’. Its mission statement is to produce environmentally friendly kitchen and household products that are ‘carefully and deliberately crafted to have the least environmental impact and the lightest carbon footprint possible’. All their products are either fully biodegradable or recyclable, and are unbleached and chlorine-free. All of them are the things we tend to use unthinkingly – but which are just as important, in terms of environmental impact, as the big items over which we take so much care.

They produce (and we stock):

So when you make your lovely organic cup-cakes, grill your ethical meat, or take your recycling bags out  – take a look at the stuff you’re using to do so. If you care….care for it all. Use If You Care!

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