10 raisins to be happy!

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Having recently expanded our range to incorporate many of the ‘snack pack’ and non-organic lines that used to be stocked by Julian Graves, we’ve found ourselves knee-deep in various types of plump, juicy raisins. They’re all delicious, and they have fantastic, evocative names. But what’s the difference between them? Here’s a look at our ten top raisins and raisin products!

  1. Black Flame Raisins: what a fabulous name! (A favourite snack, no doubt, of Hells Angels, as they tear along country lanes to sing carols at old peoples’ homes.) For the rest of us, these are simply a particularly sweet type of seedless raisin.
  2. Crimson Raisins: plump, juicy and a little sweeter than standard raisins, these vary in colour from golden-pink to a deep, purple-red. Useful for adding a bit of colour to your baking.
  3. Golden raisins: treated with sulphur dioxide and oven-dried to fix their beautiful golden colour. These are slightly less sweet than standard raisins, and are thus popular in savoury dishes and with cheese.
  4. Black raisins: large, plump, glossy and dark, purplish-brown in colour.
  5. Lexia raisins: a variety of extra-large, seeded, Muscatel raisins, sourced from Australia, with a unique colour.
  6. Organic raisins from Naturally Good Food. Packed under our own organic licence, these come in the following sizes: 500g, 1kg, 3kg and 12.5kg.
  7. Roast hazels and raisins: 70g from Infinity Foods – a classic combination.
  8. Cashews and raisins snack pack: 70g from Infinity Foods – another great combination and a little cheaper, at £0.93 a pack.
  9. Mr Bumble’s Quality Muesli (made with raisins – as of course, are many of our other types of muesli).
  10. Sultanas: because we stock loads of them too, and because the difference between raisins and sultanas is not quite as easy to put your finger on as you might think!

Naturally good raisins, from Naturally Good Food: your health is our raisin d’etre!

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