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Milk is all over the news at the moment, due to the ‘baby formula’ fears in China and the knock-on effect on the global milk market. We talk about milk a fair bit anyway at Naturally Good Food – partly because we have such a great range of non-dairy milks, and partly because one of our staff is a dairy farmer and has some fantastic cow stories! Personally, I can’t stomach dairy milk – and neither can the rest of my family – so I’m always interested in alternatives.

When I was a child, the only real option was a grey-looking soya milk. It’s improved in appearance since then, thank goodness, and is now one of Naturally Good Food’s most popular items. We have the milk itself: wet and dried, sweetened and unsweetened, fortified and standard. We also have a huge range of soya milk products, including shakes, custards, desserts and caramels.

Soya milk is, of course, lactose-free. Containing only vegetable proteins, it’s suitable for vegans – and can also help reduce cholesterol. Try one of these:

  • Bonsoy: provides a really popular soya milk, especially favoured by coffee-shop owners.
  • Provamel: offers a large range of soya milks in different flavours, with some great 250ml packets that are perfect for lunch boxes.
  • Sojade: has two good, all-round soya milks for everyday use, which work well in cooking and hot drinks.

Soya milk tends to have a reasonable shelf life, but is heavy to carry, so makes an ideal product to buy by mail order. Take the strain out of carrying your soya milk home, and get the postal service to do it! Remember that we offer our usual 10% case discount, and free delivery on orders over £75.

And there’s not just soya milk on offer now. How about a rice ‘milk’ drink such as Rice Dream? One 200ml glass (fortified) provides you with 30% of your recommended daily allowance of calcium, which is as much as a glass of full-fat cow’s milk. It’s also naturally low in fat and contains no artificial additives of any kind.

Oatly’s oat milk is a great option too – made of the purest oats, it contains no soya.

We also offer almond milk (ground almonds mixed with water: a little sweet, a little nutty, with a very smooth, silky texture), hazelnut milk (made in the same fashion – a touch nuttier), and our popular coconut milk, with its recognised health benefits. A slightly more unusual option is our hemp milk drink, which has a more distinctive flavour.

One thing you can usually say for sure about non-dairy-drinkers: they are fussy! If you’re trying to cater for one, we’d recommend you try a variety of milks, to work out which one is going to suit them best. Once you’ve found your ideal milk, though, it’s nice and easy: you can use all these milks as you would dairy milk – in drinks, or as a drink on their own, poured over cereal, or for cooking and baking.

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