Wholefood buying groups: a guide

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At Naturally Good Food, we value the contribution that buying groups can make to their communities. After all, we started as a buying group ourselves! Our initial aim, many years ago now, was to try to source the sort of food we wanted to eat, and perhaps more importantly, to feed our (at the time) young family.

The idea of a buying group (or club) is to bring together people who share a desire to source good food as ethically as possible. Often, this can be combined with the advantages of getting good food at an even better price, and getting together with like minded people.

To help fledgling buying groups, we have developed a couple of guides:

A Guide to Starting a Buying Group
Our guide to running a food buying group is divided into the following sections:
1 Naturally Good Food – How we can fit into your Buying Group
2 Introduction – What is a Buying Group?
3 Why are Buying Groups Important/Advantages of Buying Clubs?
4 Who are Buying Groups of Interest To?
5 People – how your Group could be made up
6 Planning
7 Managing issues
8 Finding suppliers
9 Ordering from suppliers
10 Finding members/Promotion
11 Premises
12 Practical resources
13 Getting and co-ordinating orders
14 Distributing the food
15 Pricing and Procedures
16 Accounts
17 Health and Safety/Food Hygiene

This may look a rather intimidating list, for anyone thinking of starting a buying group, but many of the items you need consider only once – and it is always better to have considered everything. In truth, buying groups are relatively easy to set up and run, when you have the right suppliers.

Once you have begun the process of creating a buying group, you need to work out various practical aspects: who will you order from? How can you order? What prices will you charge? This is where Naturally Good Food comes in. We aim to help you create your perfect buying group by:

  1. Providing all manner of wholefoods, for a great diet, at amazing prices.
  2. Stocking the largest range of organic food on the web, with great brands, and, for particularly super value, offering our own ‘bulk buy’ sacks and bags.
  3. Maintaining a huge range of foods for those on specialist diets (with, for example, all our foods coded according to their ‘gluten’ status, allowing those seeking gluten-free products easily to find the items they need).

Buying groups are a really good way of getting exactly the food you want, in the most ethical of ways, for the best possible prices. Forget the supermarkets! This is an alternative and much more communal way of shopping.

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