Woman’s Hour Bombay Potatoes

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This recipe is shamelessly taken from Monday’s episode of Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour – because, after all, there’s no point being stuck in the house with a nasty sore throat and not taking advantage of every comforting bit of radio and nibble of food that might come your way.

Inbetween a discussion on rebranding feminism, Doris Lessing and something really quite unmentionable (you can look it up), a Woman’s Hour power-lister, Pinky Lilani, made some Bombay Potatoes for the presenters in the studio. Apparently, this ‘power-lister’ makes her way round the country with her wok, often on public transport, inviting people who look interesting to big networking parties at her house. I haven’t spotted her on the 140 bus yet, but if she’s there, I’d definitely like to come and try her recipe. There’s something about recipes on the radio – like being Charlie Bucket just able to smell the chocolate from Willy Wonka’s factory, but not taste it – that makes you desperate to recreate them immediately at home.

And as Pinky pointed out, this is perfect winter food, and ideal for when you have a nasty cold. Turmeric is a renowned antioxidant and has strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties. If you don’t mind the yellow stain, you can even use it to rub into cuts and grazes. Here it is, in this wonderfully warming dish:


Coriander seed

Cumin powder or seed

Chilli powder

Ground turmeric

Mustard seeds

Crushed garlic

Tomato puree

Corn oil

Cooked potatoes (new, if possible)

Fresh coriander


Heat up a tablespoon or so of corn oil and throw in spoonfuls of the various spices and the tomato puree. The exact quantities will vary, depending on taste and how many other power-listers you are catering for. Add the cooked potatoes and stir for about 5 minutes. At the last minute, add some chopped fresh coriander.

Pinky recommends serving this as a side-dish to meat or wrapping it in a tortilla. It is, apparently, her signature side-dish, and just the thing to eat while discussing nun stereotypes, penal reform, the pleasures of aging, and whether the education system is failing boys (all available on Woman’s Hour this week too.)

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