Frankly my dear, I don’t give a fig

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Ripe figs: green, brown, purple, yellow – bursting with seeds, juice and goodness. Packed with fibre, potassium, manganese and vitamin B6, and one of the richest plant sources of calcium. One of the first plants ever cultivated by humans, figs are a mythical, legendary meal in themselves, full of sunshine, nutrients and history.

Bursting with goodness!

But in the UK, we can only really get our figs in dried form. Do they still hit the mark?

Well, our customers seem to think so. We sell large quantities of organic dried figs, in pack sizes ranging from 250g up to 10kg: click here to see our full range. We’ve got lots of experience of picking and packing these little dried bundles – and we know just what to do with them when you get them home too.

First of all, you can, if you wish, rehydrate them – by soaking them in water or fruit juice overnight (particularly handy if you tend to have them every morning for breakfast) or by simmering them in water or fruit juice on the hob, if you need them sooner. Occasionally, we get a phone-call from a customer saying that the figs are too hard to eat as they are – others disagree, but if you want a softer fig, then rehydrating them is the way to go.

Whether rehydrated or dried, try some of these ideas:

  • Nibble them as snacks, along with other dried fruits.
  • Serve then with tangy cheese or other dairy products.
  • Poach them to make a compote or preserve, perhaps with dried apricots too, and serve with yoghurt.
  • Cut into small pieces and add to cakes, muffins, cookies or breads.
  • Check out our fig recipes: Gluten-free Fig and Almond Bar and Fig and Honey Ice-cream.

We also sell non-organic ‘Lerida’ figs. These come from the Lerida region of Turkey and are renowned for being especially plump, sweet and juicy.

If you use a lot of figs in baking or cooking, rather than whole, why not consider our 10kg bulk box of diced figs? Perfect for adding to cereals and baking, this takes the time-consuming aspect of their  preparation away.

And if you’re sure you want soft figs, and don’t have time for rehydration, then try our Crazy Jack organic ready to eat figs, which come from specialised ethically run projects. We have these for sale at a new lower price; they’re perfect for snacks or for introducing children to these fruits.

We also sell ‘snack pack’ baby figs in packs of 375g from Queenswood.

One final note: when figs are dried, sugar crystals can at times come to the surface of the fruit. Occasionally, customers think that these are a kind of mould and discard the fruit! They’re not – in fact, they make the fruit even more delicious to eat. However, if you wish to get rid of them, soaking the figs will remove the white patches.

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