Anchovies make a Pizza?

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‘Anchovies make a pizza!’ declared a character called Des on the Australian soap Neighbours about 25 years ago. I only remember this because my Dad walked in the door at the time and for some reason found this remark so hilariously funny that he would quote it with gusto throughout my teenage years. In an ‘Australian’ accent.

Sometimes…when I had friends round.

Anyway! If you’re with Des, and can’t imagine a pizza without anchovies, then try these from Fish4Ever, which have the added advantage of being produced in as ethical and sustainable a way as possible. As the company notes: ‘Fish4Ever sustainably-fished anchovies are fished by small community boats off the coast of Sicily. They are filleted, sorted and preserved in salt straight from the catch and then kept in organic cold-pressed olive oil. This is an artisanal product, winner of a Great Taste Gold Award, fished with no by-catch or wastage or damage of the sea floor.’ Now that, Des, is the kind of anchovy that makes a pizza.

Anchovies from Fish For Ever

Anchovies: everybody needs good anchovies.

What else can Naturally Good Food offer you for pizza toppings?

Everyone can think of the usual, off the top of their heads: cheese, ham, mushrooms, peppers, other fresh vegetables. But we have a few more unusual possibilities (click on the highlighted words to view):

For the tomato base, we recommend either making your own, from our tinned tomatoes (click here to see the full range – all organic and bursting with flavour), or using one of these thick, ready-made tomato sauces (click here to see the range – we’ve even got one with chillies). If you’re in a hurry, or don’t want too much tomato, try one of our tomato purees. And if you do want lots of tomato, you could add some of our sundried tomatoes too.

It’s the herbs that in my opinion, really lift a pizza into a new dimension. Basil and oregano are the classics – giving your homemade offering the smell of a real Italian pizza as it cooks.

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