Did you know we sell organic pet food?

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We sell a lovely little range of natural, organic pet food for cats and dogs, with a number of very loyal customers. But we thought it might be time to spread the word a little wider…

Organic Pet Food

For happy, healthy pets

If you eat organic food yourself, you’ll probably want the same for your pets. Organic pet food is believed to bring a number of health benefits to your pets: raising their energy levels, lessening digestive complaints, allergies and skin problems, promoting greater immunity, and generally providing a better quality of life. Organic pet foods contain no artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives. They are not bulked out by excessive, non-digestible ‘fillers’, which also means that they tend to result in fewer bowel movements (a real bonus)! The organic meat and meat by-products in the pet food do not contain any growth hormones or antibiotics.

We source our organic pet food from Yarrah.

For pet cats, we have:

For pet dogs,

We stock 2kg packs of Yarrah’s dry corn and chicken dog food. The corn is intended to help with digestion, minimising allergic reactions and stomach problems. The ingredients are chosen to provide the best nutritional balance.

Click here to see our full range of organic pet food.

Yarrah’s range began production in 1992, following strict organic guidelines.

Their founder makes this promise: ‘I guarantee that our products will never contain any chemical additives, hormones or preservatives…Yarrah dog and cat food is brimming with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids fundamental for a long and healthy life!’

In addition, Yarrah gives its full support to sustainability and animal welfare concerns and is utterly opposed to animal testing. Any palatability tests are carried out in pets’ natural home settings, with none of the food tested either on captive animals or using invasive testing techniques.

For healthy, happy pets, we’re proud to stock Yarrah products!

(We happen to know that some of our other products find their way to animals too – organic nuts for squirrels, for example…. And of course, if you have a pet, whatever you eat will probably somehow – mysteriously – find its way from your plate, chair or floor into your pet’s diet in the end….)

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