Dampers, smores and more: camp-out cookery

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There’s something about the smell and feel of this time of year – wet grass, blustery winds, damp cagoules – that takes me right back to being 11 years old again, having a camp-out in a farmer’s field.

Whether you’re camping out yourself this Easter and summer, or packing your kids off with energetic youth leaders (they won’t brush their teeth all week, you know – the kids, that is), or just idly thinking about dusting the barbecue off in the garden – then have a look at our suggestions for camp-out cookery and surviving the great outdoors just a few weeks before it’s really, honestly, advisable to go out there.

First of all, food on sticks – one of the best ways to eat, and one of the best ways of persuading kids to sit still round a campfire. You’ll need lots of long, clean (whittled), green-wood sticks.


or twists, as some people call them, but dampers has more of a 1950s adventure-style feel to it!

Measurements are in cups, as I assume you won’t have scales to hand.  Rub 1 tbsp butter through 1 cup of self-raising flour. Add a pinch of salt, 1 tsp sugar and enough milk to make a dough. Roll into as many ‘snakes’ as you can, then wind round your sticks. Hold over the campfire to cook; eat with butter and jam.


so-called, as we all know, because you’ll want ‘smore’ of it….Warm some marshmallows on sticks over the campfire, then sandwich them between two chocolate biscuits (chocolate side down).


try alternate slices of apple, bacon and potato, which you’ll need to roast slowly (or par-boil the potato first). Ham and pineapple kebabs are another good option, and have the advantage of being edible raw….

Spiders on sticks:

should appeal to a certain type of child! Poke the stick a little way through your hot dog. Then make slices up to about one-third of the way up the hot dog. Cook over the fire, where the sliced bits will curl up as ‘legs’.


you can easily cook a gutted fish on a stick too – one for those who aren’t impressed by hot-dog spiders!

And don’t forget the hot chocolate: you’ll need it! Here’s our selection of fantastic, creamy hot-chocolate, that just might make the whole experience bearable!


Camp-out Curry

To finish off our run of campout cookery recipes, we thought we’d share one of our favourites: campout curry! Warming for the tummy and the heart, extremely simple to prepare ‘in the field’, and generally acceptable to children. If you’ve had a hard day hiking, fording rivers, playing rounders or cheering up homesick boys, you’ll find this the nicest curry you’ve ever tasted.

Ingredients (serves 6)

  • 600g chicken, pork or other meat
  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 150g vegetables (of your choice)
  • 300ml creamed coconut
  • 1 jar curry paste
  • Extra chilli if needed


Brown the meat and the onions, then add the vegetables, curry paste, coconut cream and any extra seasonings. Mix well and heat through. Serve with brown basmati rice.

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