A modest aspiration: make your own mayo

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It was Bill Bryson who (gently) poked fun at British women’s ‘modest aspirations’, as seen in the headlines of some popular magazines: ‘Knit your own twinset’, ‘Make this super knitted soap saver!’ and ‘Summer’s here – it’s time for mayonnaise!’. Well, Bill, summer nearly is here. So let’s embrace our national identity and get going with the mayo!


Mayonnaise for summer….

Mayonnaise is genuinely exciting, of course. It’s the only thing that makes a supermarket sandwich edible; it adds a whole new aspect of quivering excitement to leftover cold cuts in the fridge; it brings out the troutiness of plain roast trout in an unequalled fashion; and it’s quite literally impossible to make egg mayonnaise without it. Perfect for jacket potatoes, wonderful with summer salads, great for dipping your chips and new potatoes into – and the base for any number of other dressings. It’s no wonder that British women (and men), aspire to mayonnaise.

You can make your own – people are rather scared of this, but it’s really very easy. Here’s a great recipe from Delia Smith, who is the very pinnacle of modest British female aspiration. She likes to serve it with ‘sliced cornichons or pickled cucumbers and tiny black Provencal olives’. Crucially, this recipe doesn’t involve a food-processor, but can all be done by hand.

Mayonnaise Recipe


2 egg yolks

275ml groundnut oil

1 clove garlic, crushed

1 tsp mustard powder

1 tsp white wine vinegar

Salt and pepper


Mix the egg yolks, garlic, mustard powder and seasonings in a bowl. Add the oil to the mixture drop by drop to start with, making sure each drop of oil is completely whisked in before adding the next. When the mixture is thick, stiff and lumpy, add the vinegar to thin it. You can now whisk the oil in in larger drops. When all has been combined, taste, and add extra seasoning if required.

Ready made Mayonnaise

If you need mayonnaise in a hurry, we have two great, organic and gluten-free ready-made mayonnaises from Simply Delicious and Meridian, as well as a range of organic (but not gluten-free) mayonnaises from Infinity Foods. These come in different sizes and in two different flavours: original and smoked garlic. Infinity Foods also produce a vegan mayonnaise.

Perhaps most useful for some cooks is our range of egg-free mayonnaises from Plamil. Available in small sizes for the average home-cook, as well as 2.5kg bulk packs for caterers, we have plain, organic, tarragon, and garlic egg-free mayonnaises from Plamil, as well as an egg-free mayonnaise made from cold-pressed flax oil.

Click here to see our full range of mayonnaises. Let’s make this summer the time we finally fulfil our modest aspirations!

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