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At Naturally Good Food, we have a number of customers who buy from us in ‘buying groups’. Put simply, these are groups of people who combine their orders so that they can get the best savings on bulk produce. People like Sue and Cathal, for instance, who, donkeys’ years ago, got together with some other young parents to buy wholefoods in large bags. The ordering and sharing out of the produce was, of course, all part of the fun!

Buying groups save money with Naturally Good Food.

Why not join a buying group?

(Sue and Cathal then branched out into supplying other local people with produce, then into running a small shop, and finally into managing the thriving international mail-order concern that is Naturally Good Food today! They’re drawing the line at moving on to become a faceless, multinational, tax-dodging corporation, however.)

If you regularly buy wholefoods, then buying in bulk makes a lot of sense. It’s a great deal cheaper and cuts down on packaging costs and waste. However, not every kitchen has room to store 25kg sacks of brown rice, quinoa and lentils, for example, and you may also be concerned that you won’t finish the sacks before their expiry date. This is where coming together in a buying group works: you buy the sacks for the whole group and share them out afterwards, giving you all the price benefits of bulk-buying, without the drawbacks. You’ll almost certainly find that you make some more like-minded friends, as well!

We have a comprehensive bulk-buying section on our website, with an absolutely enormous range, some of which may never have occurred to you before! Take a look at it here. Buying in bulk from a small, independent business such as ourselves is perhaps the very easiest way of getting wholefoods at the best price.

There are buying groups at the school gates, in sports clubs, in cities and in villages. If you can’t find one locally, why not consider setting one up? To help fledgling buying groups, we’ve developed a couple of guides:

Our Guide to Starting a Buying Group covers issues such as planning, suppliers, co-ordination of orders, distribution, premises, pricing, account-handling, health and safety, and food hygiene. In it, we explain exactly how Naturally Good Food could help you. After all, it’s your suppliers who are going to be one of the most important elements of your group. Naturally Good Food aims to help by:

  • providing all manner of wholefoods, for a great diet, at amazing prices;
  • stocking the largest range of organic food on the web, with great brands, and, for particularly super value, offering our own ‘bulk buy’ sacks and bags;
  • maintaining a huge range of foods for those on specialist diets (with, for example, all our foods coded according to their ‘gluten’ status, allowing those seeking gluten-free products easily to find the items they need).

Buying groups are a really good way of getting exactly the food you want, in the most ethical of ways, for the best possible prices. Forget the supermarkets! This is a much more communal and fun way of shopping.

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