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What makes Naturally Good Food different from its competitors? Well, we think it can be summed up in a few words:

  • We are just as ethical as you are
  • We’re friendly (nice, approachable, etc.)!
Naturally Good Food is the friendly and ethical choice.

Look how friendly we are!

We often get phone calls from people who are looking for a regular supplier for their business, but want to find out a bit more about us first. We’ve all seen glitzy, glossy websites that promise a certain company ethos – but then, when you dig a little deeper, don’t quite deliver on that.

Well, at Naturally Good Food, we’re not interested in taking over the world, or maximising profits at the expense of everything else. Ethical business is at the heart of what we do. We started as a small ‘buying group’: a few Mums who joined forces to find good, natural food to feed our small children. We graduated to supplying local customers with veg boxes and other products, then opened a shop in a nearby village, where we spent many happy years. When we found we’d outgrown that, we moved premises to our current location, in the middle of a field in Warwickshire. We have sheep grazing around us, swans sailing up and down the river, fields full of crops, and a hare that – well – hares around the field all day long.

We now supply natural, healthy, ethical and organic food to customers across the UK and internationally. We’re also an expert in sourcing gluten-free and dairy-free food that ticks all those boxes. We will only stock products that are responsibly produced and that really make a positive difference to your diet.

Have a look at this bit of our website, which tells you all about us and our staff. Then have a click around on the main tabs: click here, for example, to read about the brands we stock; here to see our selection of organic food; here for gluten-free produce; and here for dairy-free products. We also have a section that lists all our wholefood lines in one place.

We don’t have a huge workforce, but the staff we have all know their stuff! If you want advice on a particular product, give us a ring on 02476 541990. And if you think you might like to make us one of your regular suppliers – perhaps you’re a small catering business, and you know you’ll need a steady supply of certain foods? – then phone us to see if we can give you a quote for the things you particularly need.

If you want to live a healthy, ethical, lifestyle, then it doesn’t just start with the food you have in your kitchen: it goes right back through the supply chain. Why not tap into Naturally Good Food’s natural, ethical supply chain – and make the world, and your cooking, a little better for it?!

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