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Have you seen our new Sports nutrition section? This is a new area for us, developed as we took a close look at what our customers were buying, and why. We found a common thread between many of our products, but couldn’t quite ‘join the dots’ – eventually, by looking at e-mail and other contact details, we realised that many customers buying these products were particularly keen on sports.

We started to look at ‘sports nutrition’ as a separate category to add to our website – we knew we had many of the products people wanted, but just hadn’t put them all in one place. (Isn’t that the beauty of the internet?! You can rearrange your stock a hundred times, for whatever purpose it’s needed!)

Come and see our range of natural, organic, gluten-free sports nutrition products.

Healthy bodies: our new Sports nutrition section

We knew we weren’t going to cater for the stereotypical muscle-bound body-builders in a gym – but rather, for the ‘normal’ person interested in sports and looking to source the best nutritional products they can. We also knew that we could cater very well for those looking for natural sports nutrition – and for those who need organic, gluten- or dairy-free sports nutrition.

View our full sports nutrition section here.

In this section, we have sub-sections covering:

And what if you hate sport? What if you only break into a sweat when you inadvertently think of the horrors of school PE lessons? What if you genuinely were always the last one chosen for teams? Well, as Cathal says, from our point of view, sports nutrition is for anyone who breathes, moves, eats or lives: everyone needs to exercise, and everyone needs to build good nutrition and hydration into their lifestyle, to achieve optimum health. Sports nutrition can and should lead to improved sports performance – but even if you’re no sportsperson, following a good diet is a key element of maintaining a healthy body. Come and see what we have to offer!

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