Gluten-free sports nutrition

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One of our most sporty members of staff is coeliac – so we know that there are customers out there looking for gluten-free sports nutrition. It’s even more important, when following a ‘free from’ diet, to make sure that you have a good, balanced diet, with adequate nutrition in all areas.

We sell a good range of gluten-free sports nutrition products.

Gluten-free and sporty: just right for you.

You can view our entire gluten-free range here. You might be particularly interested in our range of gluten-free pasta and noodles, which can be seen here.

We’re always very careful to make sure that we indicate clearly, for each of our products, whether they are gluten-free or dairy-free (or both, or neither!). After all, if you’re following a specialised diet, you don’t need things to be made any more complicated!

We have a dedicated Sports nutrition section on our website, which lists all our products for optimal sports performance and health in one place. Click here to see it, or on the headings below to view the relevant sub-sections:

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