Great Scot! How Naturally Good Food can help Alex Salmond (and you)

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There are quite a few things that Alex Salmond can’t stomach….but one of the least well-known ones is cows’ milk. He has a ‘severe allergy’ to cows’ milk and, when growing up, had to make do with goats’ milk (or condensed milk, which he was able to take). He’s not alone, of course. It’s reckoned that around five in every 100 babies in the UK will have some degree of intolerance to milk, with this lessening as the babies grow up, to leave around 1 in 1,000 British adults with an intolerance.

If you’re one of them, don’t worry! Naturally Good Food has a Plan B!

Sheep milk powder

Sheeps Milk powder

We stock one of the UK’s largest ranges of non-dairy milks and substitutes. You may need one of these ‘milks’ for nutritional reasons (several of them have extremely impressive credentials); for baking (to make, for example, Alex Salmond’s favourite childhood dessert of rice pudding); for your children; or simply to add to your own breakfast cereal in the morning.

We stock several of our non-dairy milks in powdered form, which many of our customers find very convenient for taking with them when travelling.

Take a look at what we can offer:

Soya milks

Perhaps the best-known of all non-dairy milks, and for a while, the only real alternative in this country. Soya milk is rich in protein and fortified with calcium. We stock several varieties, with Provamel, Bonsoy and Sojade the big names. These brands have been specially manufactured to act as much like dairy milk as possible, when heating or cooking with them: for example, Bonsoy is a favourite of coffee-shop owners, as it has a wonderful creamy taste and doesn’t ‘separate out’ when added to hot coffee. We also stock flavoured soya milks, shakes and soya cream desserts. Check out our full range of soya milks and products here.

Goats’ milk and sheeps’ milk

Fit for a first minister. Many people love the taste of these milks, which is slightly stronger than that of cows’ milk. We stock both goats’ and sheeps’ milk in powdered form. Those with children with milk allergies might be particularly interested in the Nannycare Growing Up variety. Click here to see our goats’ milk and here for our sheeps’ milk.

Nut milks

We stock a great range of nut milks, including almond and hazelnut – some of them also flavoured. If you’ve ever bitten into an almond and loved the subtle, creamy taste, then one of these nut milks could be for you – just the thing for adding to your breakfast cereal.

More unusual milks

Hemp milk, quinoa milk, coconut milk, oat milk and rice milk are some of the more unusual types of ‘milk’ we offer. They each boast great nutritional qualities – so there’s no need to feel that you’re missing out on anything by not taking dairy milk.

Haggis milk

Unfortunately, this has not yet come onto the market.

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