Get stuffed! With our organic and gluten-free stuffings.

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It’s the time of year for hearty roasts (vegetarian ones, too), with all the trimmings. Time to take a closer look at our lovely range of stuffings!

We sell a range of organic and gluten-free stuffings.

Naturally Good Food says: get stuffed.

We stock a number of organic and gluten-free stuffing mixes. We have:

To see our full range of stuffings, click here.

Stuffings can add another dimension to a vegetarian or vegan meal (try them with this lovely vegetarian gravy). They can be added as a side-dish to a meal (perhaps a nut roast, with loads of veg as well?), or genuinely used to ‘stuff’ something, such as mushrooms (if life isn’t too short), peppers, courgettes or marrows.

If you’re using these stuffings with meat, you have the perennial question of whether to actually ‘stuff’ the meat with them, or cook them on the side. There are those who love the crunchy topping of the stuffing cooked separately – and those who feel it simply doesn’t taste as good without soaking up the flavours of the meat directly. An interesting middle way is perhaps to place the stuffing tray directly underneath the roasting meat in the oven, letting the juices drip onto it…..

For those creating their own stuffing masterpieces, we also stock organic, unsweetened chestnut puree.

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