If you could only buy one bottle of oil which should you buy?

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Over the last few weeks, these blogs have taken a close look at some of the different types of oil stocked by Naturally Good Food. We’ve covered oils from sesame to safflower, hemp to walnut: cold-pressed and non-cold-pressed, virgin and standard. We’ve looked at oils for cooking, for drizzling, for massaging and for presents. We’ve considered the health benefits of each and every one of them.

But if you only had enough money, or kitchen space, for one bottle of oil – which would be the best one to get?

As with everything else, it depends on what exactly you’re looking for. We can’t be entirely prescriptive: some people simply prefer the taste of one oil to another. Here, then, are our subjective views as to which oil might be ‘the one’ for you!

For all-round cooking: olive oil

For all-round health benefits: extra-virgin olive oil

For baking and desserts: safflower oil

For a rich, nutty taste: walnut oil or peanut oil

For Asian dishes: toasted sesame oil

For dips, soups and general drizzling: pumpkin oil or hemp oil

For the highest Omega 6 content: safflower oil

For Vitamin E: rapeseed or hazelnut oil

For the B Vitamins: hazelnut oil

For cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol levels: hemp oil

For extra zinc and to boost reproductive health: pumpkin oil

For the perfect balance of all fatty acids: Omeg-A-Day blend or hemp oil

For those on a low-fat diet: grapeseed oil

For help with high blood pressure, inflammation or water retention: flaxseed oil

For healthy frying: safflower oil or untoasted sesame oil

For commercial levels of deep-frying: peanut oil

For athletes: flaxseed oil

For use as a beauty product: safflower oil (for rejuvenation) or hazelnut or peanut oils (for acne)

For massage: non-toasted sesame oil or grapeseed oil

For bees: Clearspring organic rapeseed oil

For a ‘locally produced’ oil: rapeseed oil from Suffolk Gold

For a novelty present: safflower oil

For decorative use: rapeseed oil from Suffolk Gold

For those on a budget: rapeseed oil (followed by sunflower oil)

For the most exclusive oil: Argan oil

We haven’t considered coconut oil in this round-up, simply because it tends to appeal in a somewhat different way to these more standard bottles. However, coconut oil ticks almost all the boxes we’ve noted above, and no discussion of oils can be complete without mentioning it. Click here to see all the coconut oil we sell.

Click here to see our full range of cold-pressed oils.

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