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We stock a great range of coffees at Naturally Good Food – from all over the world, at all kinds of strengths, and with varying mixtures of beans. We specialise in organic and Fairtrade coffees and are always on the lookout for new tastes and varieties.

But if you’re just looking for an everyday coffee – something to keep in your store-cupboard, for example – you might like to consider this one in particular. It’s from Clipper, who specialise in Fairtrade, organic teas and coffees and are proud not to have a single artificial ingredient in any one of their products. In a 100g jar, Clipper Everyday organic coffee is, as it says, ‘wonderful whenever’.

To make, add boiling water, and sugar or milk as desired, to these roast coffee granules. The taste is as toasty and intense as you’d expect from Clipper, with a rich aroma.

If you’re not using dairy products, try an alternative from our extensive range of non-dairy milks, covering nut, seed and grain milks, soya milks and goat and sheep milks. If you choose soya milk, you might like to consider Bonsoy for coffee – it’s favoured by coffee-shop owners, as it doesn’t separate when mixed with hot liquids, as some other varieties do.

And while we’re recommending everyday coffee, we’ve got some everyday biscuits to suggest as well! How about:

Happy dunking!

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