Why aren’t all oats gluten-free?

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Oats do not naturally contain gluten. And yet, here at Naturally Good Food, we make a clear distinction between our standard oats (available as porridge oats and jumbo oats, in a range of sizes) and our gluten-free oats, which we sell to coeliacs and those intolerant to gluten. Why is this?

The big issue is contamination. While oats, in their purest form, do not contain gluten, by the time they reach you, the consumer, they probably will. This tends to happen in three ways:

  • Oats are often grown with wheat, either adjacent to that crop, or in rotation with it. The scope for cross-contamination there is large.
  • Oats and wheat are frequently transported together in shared trucks, where again, some mixing is almost inevitable.
  • The same processing equipment is often used for oats as for wheat (wheat berries and oat groats are very similar, so require the same sort of processing equipment. It makes economic sense to double up).

Our gluten-free oats, however, are guaranteed to be free from all contamination with wheat. They are grown in dedicated areas and processed in specialist facilities, which are monitored to the highest standards (by law, only oats that test at 20 parts per million gluten or less may be labelled gluten-free).These oats are therefore entirely suitable for those following gluten-free diets.

We sell gluten-free porridge and jumbo oats, in a range of pack sizes – from individual size, up to enormous bulk bags, as well as a host of products that incorporate gluten-free oats. Both organic and conventional are available too. We have oats from a large number of suppliers, including some of the most well-known names such as Mornflake, Alford and Infinity Foods.

So there’s no reason why anyone should miss out on oats, and all their advantages. They add great variety to what may otherwise be a rather restricted diet, and are a fantastic source of fibre and steady energy.

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