Sacred tea: Pukka 3 Tulsi tea

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If your body is a temple – or you’d rather like it to be – then Pukka Three Tulsi tea could be the drink for you. ‘A sacred organic blend’ is how Pukka describes it, ‘flowering with vibrant clarity’. It’s a mixture of three types of tulsi (or holy basil, as it’s known in India): greeb tulsi (which ‘sweeps away the clutter’), purple tulsi (for ‘uplifting the spirits’) and lemon tulsi (to ‘inspire you onwards’). All in all, it’s intended to give you ‘inner clarity’.

Tulsi isn’t really basil as we know it – rather a member of the mint family. It’s used in religious ceremonies in certain parts of India, with the aims of purifying and cheering the soul. It has a particularly rich, spicy, minty taste, with a delicious aroma and a sweetness that pokes through. It’s naturally caffeine-free and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pukka teas are all made with the highest quality organic herbs, ethically sourced. The company employs master ‘herbsmiths’ and ‘sourcing gurus’ to find and deal with the ingredients (they have a short film about tulsi on their website, here).

Surprisingly, as it sounds rather like the sort of tea that would wake you up, it’s mostly renowned for its soothing, calming, relaxing properties, with many users having it as their preferred night-time drink. Some like to add lemon to it, or honey, or a slice of fresh ginger.

It’s popular in many circles as a stress-reducer – where, it’s claimed, it not only relaxes, but genuinely manages to lift the spirits too. Just what you need, at the end of a long winter.

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