Best natural food for recovery after exercise

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After exercise, it’s vital that you eat properly. A hard bout of exercise can use up all of your stored glycogen (the main source of fuel for our cells), sweat out litres of water and start to break down both your muscle protein and your red blood cells. You need to eat the right foods to replenish your glycogen stores, to start repairing your muscles, to restore the fluids lost in sweat, and to bolster your immune system to handle any damage.

Naturally Good Food's Sports Nutrition range gives athletes the perfect natural diet.

We stock the best natural food for recovery after exercise.

This is equally true whether you’ve just been to your first gym class in a decade, or are in regular training. It’s pretty pointless to come out of a class and head straight for the chip-shop, but it’s equally silly to neglect your body’s real needs after exercise.

So what’s the best natural food – as stocked by Naturally Good Food – for proper recovery after exercise? Try this lot: click on the highlighted words to see what we stock.

  • High-quality protein: oily fish, soy products, nuts and seeds will start to build up muscle protein once more.
  • Complex carbohydrates: brown rice, wholegrain pasta, other wholegrains such as quinoa, lentils and pulses, will replenish your glycogen stores and start the process of synthesising these.
  • Real food: not supplements! The nutrients in foods interact with each other to produce the best results. Supplements simply don’t achieve the same ends. Choose foods rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to make your recovery the best it can be. See our Wholefoods section for a great range of this food.

Of course, these categories aren’t completely distinct: a milky smoothie with chia seeds (for protein), honey, banana and wheatgerm (for carbohydrates) and berries (for antioxidants) might achieve all your goals at once!

It’s in the half-hour immediately after exercise that our bodies are most receptive to nutrients, as the enzymes responsible for glycogen and protein synthesis are then at their most active. So you need to eat quickly – have a snack or a meal prepared before you go out to train. And remember to rehydrate too!

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