It’s exam time! Brain-boosting foods no.1

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It’s time to face the front, face the music and turn over your papers – exam time once more! Whether it’s A-levels, AS, GCSE or professional exams, your brain needs to be as sharp as your pencils, as fully charged as your calculator and as ready to seize on an idea as a hawk-eyed invigilator.

Naturally Good Food stocks natural brain-boosting foods.

Keep your brain as sharp as your pencils.

So what can help you out?

Food! Don’t sit an exam on an empty stomach, and don’t skip on breakfast, lunch or dinner in the run-up to a big one. But think carefully about what you’re eating: you need something with a steady release of energy, to keep you going all the way past page 1. Wholegrains, with their slow-burning energy source, are the perfect option. Porridge for breakfast, wholegrain sandwiches for lunch and brown rice, pasta or noodles for dinner might be just what you need. It’s surprising just how much energy can be used up by sitting tensely in a hot, stuffy gym for two hours.

Drink. Make sure you stay hydrated. For the exam itself, you’ll probably only be allowed water, but you can obviously drink other things in the run-up to it. Caffeine is great for a burst of energy (especially if you haven’t slept well the night before), but remember that caffeinated drinks might make you more likely to have to go to the loo during the exam. Perhaps a square or two of dark chocolate would work better?

We also sell some great fruit concentrates and fruit drinks, which are guaranteed to give delicious refreshment. Try our Acerola cherry or James White pear juice – cold, over ice…. And have you ever drank coconut water? Full of natural electrolytes and high in minerals such as zinc, this is much sought after as a healthy energy drink.

If it’s a hot drink you’re after, have a look at our selection of teas and coffees. Some of the coffee is, as previously mentioned, fantastic for simply getting you up and running. Some of our herbal teas, as well, are designed to promote alertness: try any of our green teas, or Pukka’s peppermint and licorice, which despite its lack of caffeine, really wakes you up! If, however, it’s relaxation at the end of the day that you’re seeking, then you could reach for the Sleepytime Extra range from Celestial Seasonings or Dr Stuart’s Vespers pack.

Emergency sweets on the desk? Try our gelatine-free cola bottles or organic peppermints.

And post-exam treats? How about a Prewett’s triple chocolate cookie (gluten-free and simply amazing) or perhaps a Rawbite bar – or if you’ve got time (and baking can be a very relaxing activity), why not make a batch of flapjacks with our organic oats and keep one in your coat pocket for afterwards?

Finally: if you’re in the lucky situation of being paid to be in the exam hall, how do you stay alert while invigilating? Well, why not take some of our organic wine gums to suck, or have a swig of our refreshing cranberry juice from a flask? Then get back to scanning the room!

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