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Naturally Good Food stocks a great selection of juices and cordials, which are perfect served cold on a hot summer’s day. Ideal for lunches outside, parties, picnics and barbecues – why not add some fresh fruit to a jug of one as well?

Naturally Good Food stocks a wonderful selection of fruit juices and cordials.

Summer…in a glass!

We only stock the very best, naturally produced squashes and juices. We’re not interested in chemical-laden fizzy drinks, or strange sugar alternatives in drinks, with their slightly ‘off’ tastes. We like our summer drinks natural, ethical and stuffed full of fruit.

Our various juices tend to be scattered across a number of categories on our website. To make things easy for you, we thought we’d list them all of our most summery ones together here, so that you can make an informed choice!

We have for you:

In addition, we sell various concentrates from Rocks, including pear juice concentrate.

What’s the difference between squash, concentrate and cordial? Well, not a huge amount – you could probably find a way to use each one in place of the other. But technically, a squash is designed to appeal to a child’s palate, and to be mixed with water. The cordials have a more grown-up taste, with a slightly higher sugar and fruit content: they’re mixers for other, grown-up drinks. The concentrates are simply 100% concentrated fruit juice. They can be diluted to drink, or used as a natural sweetener in cooking, instead of sugar.

Of course, many people prefer an iced tea, coffee or other ‘hot’ drink (such as Barleycup), on a sultry day, too. Click here to see the ‘hot drinks’ we offer.

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