GBBO dairy-free? A piece of cake!

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The final part of this week’s Great British Bake-Off was to create a dairy-free showstopper. This seemed to be within most of the contestants’ comfort zones, as they swiftly determined what exactly they would make, what substitutes they would use, and how their cakes would clinch the top spot.

Naturally Good Food stocks a huge range of dairy-free milks, chocolate and other products.

Dairy-free? A piece of cake!

Dairy products were banned; so no butter, no dairy-based margarine, no dairy milk or cream, or products made from those. Interestingly, sheep and goats’ milk was also banned. This is a move that tends to divide opinion. Many people object to cows’ milk for various ethical reasons, but are quite happy to use goats’ or sheep’s milk. Many people with intolerances to cows’ milk feel that the other two are perfectly suitable for their bodies. Others, however, explain that if you’re avoiding dairy for allergy reasons, you need to avoid goats’ and sheep’s milk too. Personally, I think the decision in this case was just to make the challenge harder – to avoid a simple substitution!

Paul Hollywood was clear: there was to be no compromise, no judging ‘ok, well, it’ll do’, just because it was a ‘free from’ product. The end-result had to be something you would choose happily, over a standard product. It had to be awesome.

Most contestants went for coconut milk. In fact, I think they all did, which was a little disappointing, as here at Naturally Good Food we stock so many, many different kinds of non-dairy milk, and it would have been nice to have seen a broader range showcased.

They handled the coconut milk differently, though. Some made use of its natural flavour to pair it with mango, limes, pineapple and so on. One contestant instead, mixed it with chocolate in order to mask its flavour. She wanted that ‘dairy’ feel, but without any sense of having stumbled onto a tropical island. She succeeded.

They all made ‘fatless sponges’ – very light and fluffy – with no problem whatsoever, which is good news for anyone looking to go dairy-free. And the array of cakes finally produced would have done any hotel dessert trolley proud.

Alternatives to Dairy

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