Fairtrade Refugee Fundraiser: can we supply you?

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Community and religious groups around the UK are planning fundraising activities for the refugee crisis in Europe. Many are thinking of cooking and selling food as part of these efforts. If you’re one of them, you might like to have a look at Naturally Good Food’s range of Fairtrade foodstuffs.

Naturally Good Food can help you cater in a Fairtrade way.

Make sure your tea, coffee and sugar are Fairtrade.

If you’re trying to help those caught up in humanitarian disasters, and aiming to make the world a slightly better place, it’s essential that any food you serve has been produced in a fair and humane way. Exploitation of labour and communities around the world is one of the sparks of unrest: Fairtrade goods, instead, provide real support – economic, social and environmental – for marginalised communities.

So what could we offer your group? Well, Fairtrade tea and coffee to start with – perfect for a fundraising coffee morning. Take a look at our selection here. You’ll need Fairtrade sugar to go with it: we stock a good variety, light and dark. It’s all unrefined as well (so tastes a great deal better!).

Those catering en masse will know that warm, hearty food is always a good bet. We stock Infinity’s Fairtrade rice, in bulk bags, as well as Fairtrade quinoa from both Infinity and Quinola. (For dessert, try out our Fairtrade dairy-free cooking chocolate from Plamil.)

Various cafes are popping up around the country selling Syrian food, to raise money and awareness for refugees. If you might like to do the same – even just in your own house – then have a think about some of these typical dishes (easily tracked down online), for which Naturally Good Food can supply many of the ingredients:

  • Falafel: you’ll need our chickpeas for this, which we sell in tins, or dried, in small quantities and in bulk.
  • Pistachios, pine nuts and almonds: big in Syria, in desserts (especially baklava) and savoury dishes. See our selection of nuts here.
  • Kibbeh: the national Syrian dish, making heavy use of pine nuts.
  • Manoushi bread dough: the number one snack in Syria, this is similar to pizza dough. You’ll need our flour for it.
  • Fresh spices: black pepper and cinnamon for authenticity.
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