Organic whole dried blueberries now in stock

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Organic whole dried ready-to-eat blueberries from Infinity are the latest addition to our range of dried fruit at Naturally Good Food. These are sweetened with apple juice and are available in 125g and 250g bags, with 1kg bags and 11.34kg bulk boxes coming soon.

These blueberries are the latest addition to our range of dried fruit.

New: whole organic, ready-to-eat blueberries.

Blueberries grow well in cold and wet climates, being naturally good at surviving in low temperatures. They’re packed with vitamins K and C, full of fibre and antioxidants, and rich in manganese. They do need the addition of sugar, or some kind of fruit juice, to preserve them and keep them soft enough to eat.

These blueberries make a perfect snack on their own – or can be added to muesli, trail mix or salads. They’re also great in baking, where they’re a really good alternative to other dried fruit: try them in muffins, cookies or flapjacks.

We stock several other blueberry products too. For example, we’ve got 100g snack packs of organic blueberries from Crazy Jack, which have a strong and intense flavour. As Crazy Jack point out, these are a favourite of bears, birds and other creatures, including humans!

To see all our blueberry products, click here.

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