Builder’s tea – or Earl Grey? What type of tea are you?

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We’ve got tea for everyone at Naturally Good Food: no discrimination here. We’re as happy to sell tea to earls as we are to builders! But which type of tea are you? Perhaps our handy list below will help you decide…

Naturally Good Food stocks a full range of everyday and speciality teas.

We have tea for builders and tea for earls. And for everyone else.

Builder’s tea

Traditionally strong, rich and dark brown, with just a dash of milk and a fair few teaspoons of sugar, this tea should be brewed in a mug, not a fancy teapot, and is designed to keep you going all through that anecdote about the shortcomings of the new houses just past the bypass. If you’re looking for strong tea, we’d recommend our Clipper ‘everyday’ teas, or our liquorice teas, or any of our ‘morningtime’ teas.

Drink this tea if you’re: about to do a huge amount of heavy work (or watching someone else do so).

Earl Grey tea

Applied, as a name, only to teas that contain oil of bergamot as a flavouring, Earl Grey has a distinctive citrus aroma. For people who know just how they like their tea.

Drink this tea if you’re: an earl, a duke, a count, Lynda Snell.

Rooibos tea

Naturally caffeine-free, and a rich copper-red in colour, rooibos is tea for those who need a brew, but are avoiding the stimulant. Good for kids too.

Drink this tea if you’re: at home with small children.

Pink teas

Designed especially for the female body, to balance and nourish it. Try our Womankind Cranberry and Rose (which does actually brew pink), or Yogi Woman’s Balance tea.

Drink this tea if you’re: a woman (including a woman builder).

Herb tea cup

Chamomile teas

Soothing, relaxing, more than a little girly. Try it cut with honey, vanilla, rose or mint. Ideal for summer evenings. Click here to see all our chamomile teas, here to see our decaffeinated range and here for our ‘night-time’ and ‘relax’ teas. Celestial Seasoning’s TensionTamer tea might be a good idea too.

Drink these teas if you’re: tired, stressed, unhappy – or indeed, already perfectly relaxed and looking to stay that way!

Ginger teas

With lemon or lemongrass too, these are ginger teas for people with nasty colds that just won’t shift. Add a spoonful of honey too. The Pukka Revitalise warming tea is a good idea as well, or the aptly-named Throat Comfort tea from Yogi. Then, to freshen you up on the road to recovery, try one of our peppermint or ‘refresh’ teas.

Drink this tea if you’re: snotty.

Raspberry leaf tea

Rapsberry leaf tea is thought to tone the muscles of the uterus, to enable it to work better during labour.

Drink this tea (after taking medical advice!) if you’re: right at the very end of pregnancy!

Nettle, dandelion, fennel

We stock a range of refreshing, cleansing teas in our full selection, of which our nettle, dandelion and fennel teas are an important part. We’ve also got tea specifically labelled for detoxing: see it here. Our green teas might also be of interest, for everyday cleansing.

Drink these teas if you’re: feeling a bit grubby, inside or out.


Vespers and Tranquility teas: to help you take your mind off the pressures of life, and soothe your tired spirits.

Drink this tea if you’re: a monk, a teacher, or anyone more than usually worn out by the vicissitudes of life.

That’s just a taster of our teas, or course. We have many, many more – and one of them will be just right for you.


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