Lubecker marzipan for Christmas

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Are you looking for organic marzipan for Christmas cakes, biscuits or decorations? Perhaps a carefully crafted Santa, reindeer and sleigh, made on a snowy winter’s afternoon? At Naturally Good Food we have Lubecker organic marzipan. This is made, under the rules protecting geographical indication, in the city of Lubeck in northern Germany.

Naturally Good Food stocks Lubecker marzipan.

Lubecker marzipan: light and delicate

Unlike many of the sickly sweet marzipans you can buy in the supermarkets, it’s a lovely soft, pale variety. You can eat it straight from the pack(!), or can exercise some self-control and roll it out for use in cake decoration. It contains no colours and is egg-free.

And do you have everything else you’ll need for your Christmas baking? Our mixed dried fruit is flying out of the building at the moment, with our mixed peel and gluten-free vegetable suet also vital ingredients for those Christmas treats. Organic Icing sugar and Apricot Jam help to complete your cake too.

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