Vegans: are they all nutters?

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We’ve got lots of vegan customers at Naturally Good Food (and two vegan members of staff) and yes, we do find that they’re all nutters: in the sense of liking, buying and knowing their nuts!

We supply nuts for vegan nutters!

Do you work with nuts like these?

If you’re following a vegan diet, you need to make sure you cover all the nutritional bases. Nuts, with their hefty doses of vitamins, minerals and protein, go a long way towards giving you a balanced diet.

Nuts are also much more versatile than many non-vegans might think. No-one’s expecting you to sit at home cracking sackfuls of walnuts every night. Not only are there now small sizes of just about every nut freely available, but there are hundreds of other nut products out there, allowing you to reap all the benefits of nuts, without resorting to the Christmas nutcracker.

Nut products

In our range of nut products, we have:

Nut milks: a great non-dairy alternative, giving you something suitable for drinking and cooking and providing an easy way of getting more nuts into your diet. We stock a huge variety of almond milks (one of our most popular lines), as well as hazelnut and coconut milks. There are also nut milk creams and desserts – click here to see all the options.

Almond milk: one of our most popular lines

One of our most popular lines

Nut butters: we have an unparalleled range of nut butters – of every possible variety! Much cheaper than whole nuts, these nut butters make great spreads, dips and cooking ingredients.

Nut oils: with a range of uses, nut oils are highly nutritious and generally, strongly flavoured.

Nut cereals: partly thanks to the emergence of the Paleo diet, cereals made entirely from shaved, chopped and grated nuts and fruits are now big business. Paleo Food’s grain-free granolas are a good place to start. Eat them with some nut milk and you can truly call yourself a complete nutter.

Nutty, grain-free cereals

Grain-free granola

Nut snack bars: we have many snack bars made from nuts, seeds and dried fruit, simply crushed together, with nothing else added. Check out the Rawbite range, as one example.

Nut ready-meals: we have nut roasts and nut luncheon loaves, for those busy days.

The whole nut

At times, of course, only the whole nut will do! Naturally Good Food’s nut collection is second to none. We stock organic and non-organic nuts, in sizes ranging from snack packs up to bulk boxes and bags. We have nuts with the skin on (sometimes, even with the shell on), or blanched; nuts roasted and unroasted; nuts plain and nuts flavoured with natural ingredients.

In short, we have nuts for everyone! Click on the links below to see our individual nut ranges.


Brazil nuts

Cashew nuts





Macadamia nuts



Pine nuts


Mixed nuts




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