Nut and Seed Butters: the healthy choice for all

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Nut Butters and Spreads

Nut and seed butters: a healthy choice for all.

Nut and seed butters are a great addition to a healthy diet and a firm favourite with all. But they’re not just good to eat on their own! They have many other uses too.

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches were the favourite food of Elvis Presley of course, but they’re also a good option for a quick sandwich for the kids.  At Naturally Good Food we stock so many brands and types that there really is a nut or seed spread to suit everyone.

Nut butters are not just made from peanuts!

For those with allergies, there are many choices of nut and seed butters. At Naturally Good Food we stock many varieties, from a great range of producers, including:

  • Carley’s of Cornwall – a small Cornwall-based producer that has lots of raw varieties.
  • Monki – this Dutch producer has a great reputation for making good butters and is one of the leading European producers, with a dedicated following in the UK. Their cashew nut butter seems to be a particular favourite with our customers.
  • Meridian – their mission is to produce healthy foods that are convenient to use and that offer excellent value for money. Their butters are prepared using a small-scale, batch process, which preserves the taste of the wholly natural ingredients.

Nut butters for sports nutrition

Nut and Seed butters in tubs

Save money: buy a tub

Since we have been stocking the larger tubs of nut and seed butters, we have noticed that many are being purchased by health-aware gym-goers, who want to avoid the rather unnatural whey powders on the market.

These larger tubs offer an easy saving in what can be an expensive diet – and with a larger tub, you’re not going to run out of your favourite post-workout treat. The tubs are produced in the UK by Meridian. (They’re also very good for the artisan cook who gets through a lot of butter.)

Save money by buying in bulk

In addition to the range of tubs featured above, we offer a case discount of 10% if you buy a case of any nut or seed butter.

The vegetarian/vegan protein of choice

For those following a vegetarian or vegan diet, nut and seed butters can be a welcome addition, offering extra variety to a diet. Why not try using one in a Satay sauce? They combine really well with tofu for a healthy and tasty vegan meal that suits vegans and meat-eaters alike.

Nut and seed butters in cooking

These butters make a great ingredient in many dishes. Perhaps the most notable are:

  • Satay sauces – try our recipe or search for the variations available across the web.
  • Flapjacks – see our recipe for Nut Butter and Date Muesli bars.

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