Which non-dairy milk to use?

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At Naturally Good Food we sell a huge range of non-dairy milk. They’re suitable for those following dairy-free diets, those with dairy intolerances, those who don’t like the taste of dairy, and those who’ve chosen them for nutritional reasons such as vegans. We’ve got:


Which non-dairy milk should you choose?

A dairy-free milk for every occasion – but which is the right one?

And we’ve got all of those in various sizes, brands and with various additional nutrients or flavours. But which should you use when? We’ve got years of experience in advising customers on non-dairy milks. Here are our suggestions!

Which non-dairy milk is best?

  • Best taste: this is going to be completely subjective, as everyone has their own personal favourite. A few pointers, though: rice milk is generally considered to have the closest taste to dairy milk. Almond and rice milk are usually the sweetest. Coconut milk is good for those who don’t like the taste of dairy milk, as it has its own distinctive flavour.
  • Of all the non-dairy milks, almond is among the sweetest.

    Almond milk is usually a sweet option.

  • Best nutrition: all our non-dairy milks have their own nutritional profiles, and many are fortified, making it impossible to single any one out. But again, some have certain stand-out points: soya milk is rich in protein, for example, as are hemp milk and quinoa milk. Almond milk has lots of vitamin D, while oat milk is good for fibre.
  • Best for allergies: if you have a lot of allergies, rice milk is generally considered to be the least allergenic of these milks.
  • Rice milk is a non-allergenic non-dairy milk.

    Rice milk is non-allergenic.

  • Best for cooking: soya milk is a good bet here, as it’s easy to substitute for dairy milk, in the same quantities, with the same effect. It’s also stable at high temperatures.
  • Best for low calories: almond milk is generally the best here.
  • Best for creaminess: soya milk or coconut milk.
  • Best for sweet dishes: almond or coconut milk.
  • Best for savoury dishes: hemp milk has a particularly savoury taste, while hazelnut milk is good if you’re looking for a nutty flavour.

Click here to see our full non-dairy milk range, which also includes non-dairy desserts and creams.



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