Rice for every pocket and every dish

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We can supply you with a type of rice for every occasion, every budget and every dish! We’re so impressed with the health benefits that we have made it one of our staple mail-order goods: we aim to keep the price of our standard organic brown rice below that found in the supermarkets, to ensure that everyone can afford this nutritious wholefood.

Brown rice is the backbone of Naturally Good Food!

Basmati brown rice: one of our top sellers.

Organic brown rice is therefore one of our best sellers. It’s incredibly good for you. As a wholefood, it supplies a steady source of energy, without provoking surges in blood sugar. It’s rich in fibre and B vitamins, and has plenty of iron and magnesium. It’s actually almost impossible to find a health or dietary study that doesn’t recommend including it in your diet.

All varieties

For starters, we sell long-grain organic brown and basmati brown rice. If you’re new to brown, the basmati version cooks faster and has the closest texture to the more familiar white. Many of the staff at Naturally Good Food have been eating nothing but the  brown  for years (or even decades) now, and are complete converts! And if you’re not specifically looking for organic, we’re happy to supply non-organic brown too.

If you’re looking in particular for white rice, we stock white basmati too.

We also stock organic short-grain brown, which is perfect for pilafs and for anything else where you need your grains to stick together.

Along the same lines, we have organic and non-organic Arborio, risotto and pudding rice in white varieties.

We also have organic brown and white sushi rice, from Clearspring, for your home-made sushi creations.

Wild rice is one of our speciality rices.

Ever tried wild rice?

And what about more speciality? Try white and brown Jasmine, for Thai food, as well as red Camargue, black and wild rice (which is really a kind of grass).  Each has its own impressive nutritional profile. Many  are also Fairtrade.

Other products

Of course, in our full organic, natural, free-from and wholefoods ranges, we also have many products made with this grain. These include:

Anything else?

If you’ve been drawn in by our fantastic prices, have a think about what else you might like to stock up on while you’re here. We have one of the best selections of wholefoods, organic goods, free-from foods, and environmentally friendly toiletries and household goods on the web.



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