Pulse Feast 2016

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Have you heard? 2016 is the UN International Year of Pulses and it’s time for a Pulse Feast on Wednesday! Delicious, nutritious and sustainable, it’s easy to see why pulses have been highlighted. The website set up to manage the theme (http://www.iyp2016.org/) describes them quite simply as ‘the future of food’, in a world that’s struggling with issues of climate change and sustainable food production.

Pulse Feast 2016: why not take part?

Feast your eyes!

Here at Naturally Good Food, we’re going to have a good look at everything pulse-related over the course of the year. To start you off, though, we’d like to encourage you to hold your own ‘pulse feast’ later on this week, joining in with other such feasts held at the same time all over the world.

Here are the details from the IYP website:

‘Celebrate and Love Pulses on January 6, 2016!

We are encouraging people around the world to eat pulses on January 6 to show their love of beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas! Pulse Feast will raise awareness of the health, nutrition and sustainability benefits of pulses for people, animals and the planet.

Plan a Special Event for Pulse Feast

We encourage you to organize an event or eat pulses at an event and call it #PulseFeast. It can be anything you have in mind, here are a few examples:

  • A lunch or dinner with friends, family, colleagues
  • A donation at a food bank
  • A food truck party
  • A cooking competition

You don’t even have to host or organize the event, as long as you are eating pulses on that day!’

To take part properly, you’ll need to register (details here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AW7W-i5v9cyCjFFZ3aGxPBgKLfOfySiLY4sFr-5sV3U/viewform) and they want you to tweet it, video it or live stream it (the latter is clearly a suggestion from someone who’s never witnessed one of my family meals).

It sounds great. Eating pulses socially, to kickstart a really great international trend.

Need some recipe ideas including pulses? We have lots on our website here. How about Black-eyed bean bake? Or Squash with cannellini beans and pesto?

Need some pulses? We have all you could possibly think of here and here. Your meal can be as simple as a tin of baked beans – or as complicated as a magnificent lentil, pea and pulse extravaganza.

Baked beans count too!

Even students can take part!

To celebrate the International Year of Pulses, Infinity have some new pulse lines, which can be seen here.

So why not take part? After all, what else did you have planned for Wednesday?!

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