Top ten healthiest foods: the ultimate list!

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If January sees you looking for ways to improve your diet, you might be interested to know which foods have recently been picked as the ‘top ten healthiest foods’ on the planet….The media is full of these top ten lists at this time of year – and while none of them should be taken too seriously, it’s noticeable that the same foods come up time and time again!

Top ten healthiest foods: what’s in the lead in 2016?

To help you out, we’ve trawled through ten of these recent New Year lists. Armed only with a tally chart and some rather ropey statistical knowledge, we’ve noted how often each food is nominated – and sorted them into an ultimate top ten. Of the top ten, we sell eight at Naturally Good Food, in one form or another. Here’s what the eight we have available can do for you.

(The list below is of the full top ten, in descending order.)

No. 1: Broccoli and dark green leafy vegetables: the outright winner, these vegetables top the bill in most of the lists, and are noted in every single one.

Pulses are second in our ultimate top ten healthiest foods list.

Bung in the mung: pulses, especially mung beans, come in at no. 2!

No. 2: Pulses: pulses of all kinds feature heavily in these lists, with mung beans enjoying particular popularity right now. Pulses are high in dietary fibre and protein, low in fat, and packed full of minerals. They are associated with preventing diabetes and heart disease and lowering cholesterol, and really need to form an important part of your diet.

No. 3: Sweet potatoes: and sweet potato flour. Not sold by us. We do sell sweet potato noodles, but the full health benefit with these potatoes is in the raw product.

No. 4: Oily fish: we sell the full, sustainably fished range of Fish4ever products, which includes many varieties of oily fish. Oily fish is a good source of vitamins D and B, as well as protein and selenium and omega-3 fatty acids, protecting against cardiovascular disease.

Oats are a good source of soluble fibre.

Oats make the grade every time.

No. 5: Oats: in all their forms, including oatmeal. We sell huge amounts of oats at Naturally Good Food. Rich in magnesium, which aids cardiovascular health and helps prevent diabetes, oats are packed with soluble fibre, preventing spikes in blood sugar and helping to regulate appetite and weight.

No. 6: Blueberries: we sell dried blueberries in various pack sizes and a number of products made from blueberries. Blueberries are packed with vitamins C and K and particularly prized for their antioxidant properties.

No. 7: Lemons: we don’t sell fresh lemons, but we do have dried lemon caps  and some great, high-quality lemon juice, for your vitamin C, antioxidant and potassium needs.

No. 8: Avocados: again, we don’t sell these fresh, but we do sell organic avocado oil, which also gets a mention in a number of ‘top tens’. Avocado oil contains no cholesterol and is high in vitamin E, monounsaturated fats and beta sitosterol.

No. 9: Garlic: we sell garlic granules, spreads and other products. Garlic scores highly for vitamin and antioxidant properties.

Birch water with lingonberry and bilberry - one of the media's top ten.

The next big thing in 2016?

No. 10: Birch and other tree water: we sell the Tapped brand of birch water, which is simply the sap of the birch tree, and is a rich source of manganese and other naturally occurring nutrients. Birch and other tree waters are popular currently for their detoxifying and hydrating properties.

In the ‘runners-up’ category, apples and almonds also rate highly. And if you’re wondering about some of your own personal favourites (walnuts? peanuts? turmeric? teff flour?), rest assured, they all made it through as well, but simply weren’t chosen by enough lists.

Nobody thinks these lists are definitive, of course. Our ultimate list certainly isn’t! But all of the foods on it are most definitely very good for you and well worth including in your diet in some form.

As for pink cactus water, black pudding and banana flour – which also got at least one mention each – well, watch this space!



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