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‘What’s more nourishing than a grain?’, asks Rude Health in one of their blogs. The answer: ‘a sprouted grain’! We’ve just put up a number of new Rude Health products on our website, including these sprouted grains. Rude Health take pride in using only recognisable real ingredients, of the kind you would have in your kitchen at home. They make wonderfully tasty and wholesome grain products, and we’re delighted to be able to add to our range from them.

We now stock Rude Health's sprouted grains.

More nourishing than a standard grain?

We have four types of sprouted grain and oats from Rude Health:

These are the very first range of sprouted grains and oats in the UK. But of course, they’re not the first grains to sprout in the UK ever. As Rude Health explain, prior to mass industrialisation, grains sprouted naturally all over Britain. In more recent times, grains have been harvested and milled before this happens.

These new products, however, are made from grains that have been allowed to sprout – in other words, allowed to germinate into young plants, transforming themselves from starches to vegetables, which many people find much easier to digest. If you’re someone who suffers just a little from intolerances to grain, giving these a try might make all the difference to your diet.

(Are sprouts the same as microgreens? Not quite – they’re technically different parts of the plant’s life-cycle. But they’re both nutrient-rich young plants, and certainly worth incorporating into your diet.)

Sprouted grains: higher in nutrients, lower in gluten

Rude Health explains that as the seeds germinate, they come to life and release their vital nutrients. Enzyme activity breaks down inhibitors, transforming and multiplying these nutrients. Sprouted grains are thus much higher in vitamins, minerals and protein than non-sprouted grains, as well as being lower in gluten. In addition, all of these nutrients are more easily digested, boosting health further. The grains are also ‘raw’, as they are dried at a particularly low temperature.

If you’re interested, click on the links above to find out more about these sprouted grains.

Our full Rude Health range

What else do we have from Rude Health?

  • Non-dairy alternatives to milk: we currently stock six of these from Rude Health, as part of our comprehensive dairy-free drink range. These are clean-tasting, nutritious alternatives to milk, for use in drinks and in cooking.
  • Rude Health do a great range of non-dairy milks.

    Rude Health coconut drink: just one of their non-dairy alternatives to milk

  • Mueslis and granolas: great-tasting, with the highest quality ingredients for maximum nutrition.
  • Cereals and flakes: again, made with both health and taste in mind.
  • Oatcakes, crackers and thins: many of these are gluten-free. They’re also pretty unusual – what could you do with a turmeric and ginger oatcake? I’ve got a few tasty ideas….

To celebrate the expansion of our range, and with January purchasing in mind, many of our Rude Health products are now on sale. Click here to see all our special offers.





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