Rude Health sprouted flour recipe ideas

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You can now get nutrient-rich, easily digestible sprouted flours and gluten-free oats by Rude Health from us by post. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to standard wheat for reasons of intolerance, or simply trying to boost your nutritional intake, these flours and oats make it easy. If you’d like some good ideas from the experts, and a little advice on cooking ‘gluten-free’ with these grains, then take a look at these words of wisdom from Rude Health themselves:

What can you make with Rude Health sprouted grains?

Cakes and bakes

Nutty sprouted whole spelt flour is hard to beat in banana bread. You can use sprouted spelt flour in any cake or pastry recipe as an alternative to wholegrain wheat or spelt flour, replacing traditional flour like for like.

Use Rude Health sprouted spelt flour for great cakes and bread.

Pretty packet: pretty good for you!


Buckwheat pancakes are flipped all over the world. From French Gallettes and Russian Blinis to the fantastically-named Hrechanyky from Ukraine; using sprouted buckwheat flour makes for a lighter and fluffier pancake.


It’s hard to beat a sprouted whole wheat pizza base. Crispy and rustic it’s a great match for a punchy Napoletana.

Sprouted flour makes brilliant sourdough bread. Try growing your starter using sprouted rye flour and then adding sprouted wheat and spelt flour to the dough.’

Advice on using low-gluten sprouted flour

‘Baking with spouted flours is slightly different to non sprouted flours because the sprouting process reduces the gluten content.

Sprouted flours may require some adjustment.

Use a little more liquid when cooking with low-gluten flour.

You can directly replace unsprouted flours for sprouted for cakes, cookies and muffins. Depending on the recipe you may find that you need to add a touch more liquid.

For breads, you need to add more liquid. Start by adding 2-3 tablespoons. If your recipe is still dry, add a spoon extra at a time.

If you’re using a bread machine recipe increase the water called for by ¼ cup for 4-5 cups of flour, 3 tablespoons for less than 4 cups of flour.’

Rude Health recipe book

If you’re pleased with the end-results of cooking with these grains, then you might be interested in some other Rude Health recipes. Their new recipe book is just out – click here for details and a quick video preview (depending on your settings). Reviews suggest that it encapsulates Rude Health’s no-nonsense approach to nutrition and faddy diets – instead, championing real, good food and old-fashioned ideas.




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