Coconut milk: nothing like dairy milk?

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At Naturally Good Food you can get a vast range of non-dairy milks, which you can view here. A favourite best-seller in this section is coconut milk. You will find coconut milk from a number of producers, as we find our customers tend to have their own individual favourites.

We sell various brands of coconut milk.

Rude Health coconut milk: unsweetened

Coconut milk is popular as a non-dairy alternative to milk partly because it doesn’t really resemble dairy milk at all! It’s white, yes, but the taste is quite different, and it seems to work well for people who aren’t trying to pretend they’re drinking cows’ milk, but instead, are looking for something that’s good in its own right.

Coconut milk: for cooking and for drinking

Some  coconut milk is specially designed for cooking with: it’s often called for in curry recipes, for example. This tin of coconut milk from Biona falls into this category – and if you need coconut cream, simply whisk it a little, as it solidifies remarkably quickly. Biona also produce a ‘light’ variety.

Coconut milk makes a great, smooth curry.

Biona coconut milk is suitable for cooking purposes.

The others are designed for drinking. We have these from Rude Health (unsweetened, made with natural spring water), a selection from Koko (original, light, chocolate and lunchbox size) and from Ecomil, coconut milk both plain and sweetened with agave syrup.

Coconut milk is often called for in curries, where it gives a smooth mildness and gentle flavour. It works really well in sweet dishes as well – making a fantastic rice pudding – or of course, can be used on cereal or in hot or cold drinks just as you would dairy milk. It’s generally best to add it at the end of cooking (unless all the ingredients are mixed in from the start), as it separates if overheated. If you go far too far and find that it’s actually curdled, you can usually sort this out by removing the other ingredients and whisking in a little cornflour to help it combine once more.

How do you make coconut milk?

It is simply the creamy flesh of the coconut, with the oils contained within that, blended with water. Essentially, it’s liquid coconut, but it’s not the water from within the coconut itself, which is consumed and sold separately, as ‘coconut water’.

Coconut water is the water contained within the coconut.

Coconut water is not the same!

Is it good for you? Yes. Coconut milk is high in fibre, various vitamins including vitamins C, E and the B group, and in minerals such as iron, selenium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

If you get a real taste for coconut, check out all our other coconut products, which can be found here.





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