New products for February: part 2

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February might be the shortest month, but there are so many new products coming onto our shelves, that we’re having to tell you about them in several parts!

Here’s part 2 of our new product round-up for February 2016.

Coconut aminos: new for February

This is a great and unusual alternative to soy sauce. It’s made from pure, fresh coconut sap, with a little added sea salt. It’s aged and fermented just as a traditional soy sauce would be, to give an intense, concentrated liquid that’s remarkably similar to soy sauce – with no coconut flavour. It’s soy-free (of course – which is just what many of our customers are looking for) and also free from gluten, wheat and dairy.

New for February: soy-free seasoning.

A great, unusual alternative to soy sauce.

You use it just as you would use soy sauce, for cooking, marinating, stir-frying and dipping. It’s good for you too, with 17 essential amino acids and plenty of B vitamins and minerals.

We anticipate this being particularly popular with those on vegan and paleo diets.

If it’s not quite right for you, why not look at our Marigold liquid aminos here instead?

Geo Organics tinned meals

We already stock a number of Geo Organics tinned products and are delighted to add this range of tinned organic meals. These are mildly spiced and are just what you need at the end of a busy day – or when travelling on holiday!

Eat just as they are, or add rice for a more substantial meal.

We have:

Great healthy and hearty ready meals from Geo Organics.

Can you think of a student who’d appreciate a tin of this?

Put them all together and you have your very own takeaway – without the grease, fat and expense! These are all vegan and organic and make very satisfying meals.

If you’re not in the mood for spicy food, we also stock Geo Organic’s hearty thick vegetable hotpot, which is a great mix of vegetables in a tomato sauce. Lovely with some crusty bread.

These are also the kind of tinned, healthy meals that make great suggestions or presents for students studying away from home.

To see our other ‘ready meals’, click here.

To see all our new products, click here.



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