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If you’re new to Naturally Good Food, you might not know much about how we operate. Even if you’ve been buying from us for years, you might not be aware of where exactly your products are coming from. Here’s a quick introduction to Naturally Good Food: a deep-green company.

Our base in the Warwickshire countryside.

Proudly deep-green!

Deep-green: in our eco-building

Naturally Good Food is based in a field, in rural farmland, on the banks of the river Avon in Warwickshire. We’re housed in an eco-building, with ground-source heating, bio-digesters for toilet and other waste, and solar panels for energy-generation. There’s a huge amount of wildlife around: hares, swans, herons, dragonflies and foxes, as well as the farmer’s sheep and cows, are all seen on a daily basis (there are a pair of resident buzzards too). We look out onto fields, hills, trees and the river – all of which helps us to remember why we believe in maintaining an organic, natural environment.

The solar panels are installed in the field right next to our building (providing a handy shelter for the sheep when it rains)! On an average day, the sites uses only about 30% of the electricity generated by the panels. The same field is responsible for our ground-source heating, which keeps our building at just the right temperature for both our staff and our stock.  Our large windows play a part in this too, with their huge solar-gain properties.

Environmental concerns

Do you have specific packaging requirements we could help with?

We pack with the environment in mind.

We take environmental concerns into consideration in every part of our business. We stock environmentally friendly products (and use these ourselves). We ensure that our packaging is as earth-friendly as possible, reusing boxes and other packaging where we can, and sourcing biodegradable materials wherever possible. We have some customers with particular environmental packaging requirements and we can usually adapt what we do to meet these.

We also encourage our customers to buy in bulk, which cuts down on processing and transport costs (and is also, not coincidentally, cheaper!), and to buy unprocessed, dried goods as well, for the same reason.

Organic food is central

Organic food is at the heart of our business – wherever we can source a product in an organic form, we do so. In addition to the many, many organic pre-packaged goods we sell, we have our own licence from the Soil Association to pack bulk sacks and boxes down to smaller bags. Organic seeds, nuts, grains, flours, sugars and dried fruits thus literally run through our (gloved!) fingers every day.

Wherever you live, and whatever constraints there are on your own ‘green’ lifestyle, here at Naturally Good Food we’d like to help you make a difference to the environment. When you buy from us, you can be assured that you’re supporting a company that’s doing all it can to reduce its carbon footprint. Indeed, we’re becoming greener every day. Will you join us?



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