British pulses for a low carbon footprint!

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Naturally Good Food stocks a great range of pulses: dry peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas. Most of these come from Mediterranean or Asian countries (Turkey, China and so on), but pulses are such hardy, adaptable little things that they can be grown much more widely than that. We’re delighted, at Naturally Good Food, to include British-grown pulses in our range. These come from a company called Hodmedods, who are dedicated to reviving British pulses.

We stock the Hodmedods British pulses range

Hodmedods are dedicated to reviving British pulses

Hodmedods stock British pulses

Pulses have been grown in Britain since medieval times. Hodemdods, working with various farms near to their base in Norfolk, have developed an extensive range of British-grown beans and peas. This comprises split and whole fava beans, kabuki marrowfat peas, black badger peas, yellow peas, large blue peas, split green peas and split yellow peas. Click here to see the full list of Hodmedod products we stock.

We’re encouraging people to eat more pulses this year, as part of the UN’s International Year of Pulses. Highly nutritious and beneficial for the environment, pulses are a truly sustainable and healthy food option for communities all round the world. We know that many of our customers want to limit their environmental impact as far as possible. Many choose dried pulses, which not only works out cheaper than buying tins, but generally results in a lower ‘carbon footprint’, given the reduction in processing and transportation costs.

If you want to go further, however, and you’re in the UK, then buying British-grown pulses is the next step. In doing so, you’re also supporting a small company that really wants to make a difference to its local environment.

British baked beans for British families!

For your true full British breakfast!

Hodmedods do sell tinned baked beans as well, and a dhal, which you can see here. The ‘full English’ breakfast really can be just that now!

British-grown quinoa too

British quinoa is a high-nutrition, high-ethics product

Hodmedod’s British-grown quinoa

In addition, Hodmedods sell British-grown quinoa. It’s not easy growing quinoa in this country, but an Essex farmer with a lot of expertise in the area is achieving rising yields. Naturally Good Food stocks Hodmedod’s quinoa in large and small bags. For those who are keen on quinoa, but less keen on the air-miles and possible ethical issues associated with the crops grown in South America, this is the perfect solution.

And of course, the company name is as British as the product. Hodmedod is an old East Anglian dialect word, referring to something that curls up: like a snail, a lock of hair, a hedgehog (as on the packet) or an ammonite. An unusual word, an unusual product!



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