Risi e bisi recipe

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In our previous blog, we discovered exactly how rice is grown – and where in the world this happens. At Naturally Good Food, we source much of our organic brown rice from Italy, where it’s been grown for centuries.

Rice isn’t necessarily the first foodstuff people associate with Italy, but it’s the mainstay of certain regions, particularly in the north of the country.

This dish is a traditional Italian (specifically, Venetian) dish, meaning literally ‘rice and peas’ and is quite risotto like in its preparation. You should make it with the first fresh peas of early summer – so put it in your cooking diary now!

Adapted from Simply Recipes (www.simplyrecipes.com).


Olive oil

3 shallots, finely chopped

3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

115g diced prosciutto

1 cup Arborio or other risotto rice

2 cups stock

1 cup fresh peas

Handful fresh parsley

Handful freshly grated parmesan cheese


Over a medium heat, saute the shallots in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Meanwhile, heat the stock, along with a further cup of water, in a pan. Add the garlic and prosciutto to the shallots and saute for a further couple of minutes, then add the rice and cook for another three minutes, stirring constantly.

Now add the stock and water mix, a little at a time, stirring frequently. When almost all the liquid has been absorbed (you may need to add a little more, depending on your cooker and the rice), throw in the peas.

At the very end, check your seasoning and add salt and pepper as necessary. Then stir in the fresh parsley and the parmesan cheese.



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